Industries Served

Information Technology (IT)

  • IT collaborates across borders and languages and the main language has become English - We can help you improve communications
  • Telephone etiquette and conversation for Call Centre Operatives
  • Understanding and discussing English clients’ User Specifications
  • General IT Terminology

Entertainment Industry – Theatre and Events & Exhibitions

  • All aspects of English usage in this world-wide industry
  • General industry specific Terminology
  • Understanding English riders
  • Writing proposals to clients

General Business English & IELTS

  • We cover all aspects of English usage in the workplace, ranging from formal letters, emails, presentations, telephone calls, small talk to clients, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
  • IELTS Exam Preparation Tutoring

How We Work


I strongly believe that each person learns differently and has unique abilities that has to be taken into account when teaching them. Each person will also require different areas of their language to be improved, it may be speaking, reading, listening or writing or any combination of these. It is therefore imperative that I determine these requirements before drawing up detailed lesson plans. Quite often the learner’s needs change over the course of a few lessons – they may not be as bad at speaking as they thought, but rather require more writing practice.

My overall teaching style is more informal and not sticking to detailed lesson plans word for word: Maintaining flexibility is key.

It is also important that we have fun while learning and that teaching is the best way of learning.

All lessons are via Skype or Zoom and are 50 minutes long.

After receiving the student’s request, we will draw up a preliminary Learning Plan for discussion during the first (free) lesson.


First Lesson:
Rate – FREE
Aim: To get to know each other and discuss in detail the student’s needs. We need to feel comfortable with each other and as a student, you need to have confidence in me as teacher. After the first lesson I will draw up a detailed Learning Plan which we will look at via email and Skype/Zoom and tailor to your specific requirements.

Subsequent Lessons:
Rate – Variable depending on number of lessons (packages are cheaper) and subjects.
Aim: To address a specific subject or language area.
Each lesson will consist of a 50-minute online class via Zoom or Skype.
Homework forms an essential part of every lesson and will be handed out during each lesson and discussed at the start of the next lesson.

About me

Philip Kruger
I live in Cape Town, South Africa where really good wine is made.

I’ve worked in the Entertainment Industry and in Information Technology for most of my life. I have come across people from all over the world and am fascinated by other cultures and the different ways they do business.

I have been teaching specialist subjects for more than twelve years and Business English for almost a year now. I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and believe that I should learn while teaching.

I also believe that learning should be fun and my teaching style is flexible, I always try and adapt to my students and their needs.

In my limited spare time I love to read anything from biographies to science fiction and, of course, playing with our two dogs and cat.


  • Level 5 qualified TEFL teacher with Business English specialisation
  • TEFL Certificates
  • Qualified to provide IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination preparation tution
  • IELTS Certificate

Favourite Quotes

  • Teaching is a wonderful way to learn
    - Carol S. Dweck
  • Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever
    - Mahatma Ghandi
  • I never lose. I either win or learn
    - Nelson Mandela
  • I have made my limitations tools of learning and true joy
    - Helen Keller